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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Daughter!

~Today is your birthday, and it is also a birthday for me..the birthday of my first day of motherhood. So Happy Birthday to us ! "A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer." AU~My daughter is our firstborn. She was a very easy baby, slept through the night right away, quickly learned right from wrong and obeyed without questioning, because it was what made her father and I happy. I did not understand why so many of our friends had trouble and were frustrated with raising their children because our daughter was so easy to train and raise. (I would learn with the birth of my sons what most people were talking about, but that is another post.)
~Our daughter was and is fiercely loyal to her brothers, her family, and her friends. When they were little and her brothers were in trouble with me or anyone else, she would run interference for them and protect them. She still does. ~As a youth and as a teen ager, she was still a good daughter. What myself and my husband desired and required was respected by her. She did not cause us trouble as a teenager either. Nor as a young single woman. We could trust her, and more than a decade has passed since she was that young girl, and we have heard all the stories of her youth from her, her brothers, her friends, and still we realize we were not wrong to trust her.That means so very much in this day and age when we are led to believe all youth MUST rebel and all youth MUST go through a period of disrespect and separation from their family. ~Our daughter fell in love with a pretty special young man we are proud to call "Son", and the longer she and her husband are married, the more we love the man she chose . We also think he got a treasure, a loyal wife and hardworking wife who not only treasures him, but treasures his family, us, and the children they have had together. "If you would have a good wife, marry one who has been a good daughter." Thomas Fulton ~Happy birthday most precious daughter! We are thankful beyond words for the gift God gave us that day so very long ago, our first born..a tiny little treasure. YOU! Anyone desiring to say "Happy Birthday" to her can check out her blog, A.Joy At Home.


Toni said...

Happy Birthday! How amusing - I like both your blogs and had no idea of the connection. Congrats on raising such a fine daughter.

Mildred said...

Happy Birthday to Joy and what a sweet post about your lovely daughter. Today would have been my dad's 86th birthday also! I think he always thought the turkey dinner was in his honor!!!

Mildred said...

P.S. Kathy, thanks for your sweet comments on my post. I just met a blogging friend from Australia. Julia, is listed as one I passed the Meme on to. She has responded and mentions two of her friend's blogs. I say all of that to tell you that they are all avid quilters if you would like to visit their blogs when the hustle of the holiday is over. Their quilts are so fun to see. Blessings to you this day friend.

Mildred said...

Me, AGAIN!!! You just have to read "Unglazed" blog entitled JOY. It is so touching and I thought of you and your daughter.http://unglazed.blogspot.com/

Candy Duell said...

Happy Birthday, to you both. What a great birthday greeting, and entry for your daughter. It was great, I loved reading it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Kathy. I remember very clearly the day we welcomed Autumn Joy to the world . . . she made me an Auntie for the first time!


Jo said...

Omigosh, what a beautiful girl! And what a beautiful family! You must be so proud of all of them. You have a wonderful life. And no your beautiful daughter and her husband have beautiful children of their own.

Have I mentioned that before? :-)

Happy Birthday, to your beautiful daughter.

Jo said...

I meant "now". But you knew that.

Typo, typo, typo.

I need my second cup of coffee. *heh*

LindaSueBuhl said...

What a wonderful blessing to be able to share your love for your daughter with "everyone" - and as part of everyone - I thank you. It is unfortunately rare in our society to hear about families who love and treasure one another. BUT in your case - sounds like the little acorn didn't fall far from the tree - lovely young woman. Good work!

noble pig said...

Oh goodness she must have cried when she read this. What a wonderful relationship you have had. Happy Birthday to you both!

Daisy said...

What a wonderful post about your daughter, Kathy. I can sure see the resemblance between her face and yours. Wishing you both a happy day. :D

KathyB. said...

Thank-you Toni and Mildred.
Mildred, your dad's birthday was today ?I suppose everyone who has a birthday at this time gets used to turkey as part of their birthday memories. I spent the Thanksgiving I had her in the hospital, but there are no complaints from me, having a daughter beats eating turkey any day.

Thank-you Candy !

Joni, I remember you placing an ad in the paper welcoming her into the world....thank-you!

Thank-you Jo. I have a lot of fun with her too. She is very funny...and tells great stories. Her kids really like that.

Linda Sue, thank-you too. I have discovered there are a lot of kids who don't go through the 'difficult' stage. We should hear more about them, it would be an encouragement to all.

Noble Pig, we DO have a wonderful relationship ! We do with our sons too, so we are very fortunate!

Thank-you Daisy, happy Thanksgiving to you!