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Friday, November 14, 2008

Spot on Nesting....and Home

~I made this as a centerpiece for a family tea I held in my home in the spring.The theme of the tea I gave for the ladies in the family was HOME.~~Inside this candle lantern is a nest my grandchildren found on the ground the day before the tea. In my grandchildrens' defense, they did not know the nest was probably being used at the time, after all, it was on the ground, not in a tree. After consulting my Bird's nest identification book we discovered it is the nest of a Rufous -sided Towhee, and they nest in low bushes, vines, and the ground. The grandchildren were VERY excited to give the nest to me because they know I highly value bird's nests...and birds too.
~I decided to create a centerpiece for my tea using this precious gift. Inside my candle lantern I made a tag with one of a few definitions of nesting. "Nest:any small or cozy place of abode, a snuggery or retreat." Funk and Wagnalls new Standard Dictionary ~Is that not just the best description one could ever want of HOME ? I have always wanted my home to be cozy, a place of retreat and comfort..a place that nourishes the body and soul. A place where family and friend and even stranger can find some comfort and encouragement. "If we return to the old home as to a nest, it is because memories are dreams, because the home of other days has become a great image of lost intimacy." Gaston Bachelard ~"This sense that you are really, truly home cannot be drawn up like a blueprint. It never depends on how many hollyhocks are planted beside the garden gate. It doesn't even matter if the front door leads to a three bedroom ranch exactly like every other on the block or a Victorian high up on a hill...It's any house where the children sleep peacefully in their beds on winter nights , dreaming beneath warm quilts. It's any address where you realize-perhaps at long last-your own good fortune." Alice Hoffman Doesn't this quote sound like a description of a nest, a snuggery ?A cozy place everyone's heart yearns for? ~Home, our own home...does not require much. And a home does not need to actually be owned by us. We have made a home in an old trailer we bought and lived in for 3 years before we built our house. Our daughter and her family made their HOME a tent they lived in for months while their house was built.Big difference, house and home. One is a structure, the other an abode, a dwelling for the heart and soul. I love being home, in my house!I love the little nest my Hubby and I share, with each other, friends, and family !


Mildred said...

Your birds nest centerpiece is lovely and I do love the definition. How perfect for your tea with family back in the spring. I've heard that towhee's are rare here but at this home and our last, we were blessed to see and hear this bird. I have to tell you, I just googled towhee to remind myself of the beauty and sound of this bird. First, the cats went nuts when they heard the computer chirping. 2. Apparently there is a wild looking rock band named Towhee! Who knew? Thanks for such a heart-warming post. Have a lovely day.

Farm Chick Paula said...

That is simply beautiful, Kathy- I always love finding little nests like that, and I can just sit and look at how they're made for hours on end.
Your little centerpiece does say "Home"!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Nests always fascinate me - around our place there are often linings of goat hair (clever little birds) and occasionally the oddest bits of other things. The centerpiece is charming - and your discussion of what makes a home is great. Home is where the heart is - yes ma'am - my temporary home is in Texas and my eternal home - same address as yours!

Daisy said...

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like it! Very lovely post, Kathy. I always enjoy the quotes you find to include in your blog.

KathyB. said...

Mildred, I can just picture your cats getting excited by the computer, looking for birds...We have a lot of Towhees around here and they're fun to watch. They are usually scampering under bushes in and around the gardens. What kind of Towhees do you get ?

Thank-you Farm Chick Paula !Yes, the construction of bird's nest is a marvel to me.

Linda Sue, yes, the theme of the tea I held was about our earthly home in contrast with the heavenly home we have a-waiting !And the bird's nests around here will have fluffs of my sheep's wool and a lot of dog hair that looks suspiciously like yellow Lab !

Thank-you Daisy.I have found I really like looking up quotes, so it is nice to find some appropriate and meaningful to me. Glad you like them too .

Lanny said...

A-stinking-men on the house/home comparison and that you can have one without the other.

Oh and I for one know that you have accomplished your goal, your home has always been a place of respite and recharge for me and my girls over the years, and that includes the first time Steph and I happened upon you and you were still in the mobile.

Daisy said...

Kathy, I have something for you on my Dancing With Daisy blog when you have time to stop by. :)

KathyB. said...

Thank-you Lanny!That old adage is really true, "home is where the heart is ", and back at you ! You've a home that is welcoming and hospitable...and open to all in need !

O.K. Daisy, will do !