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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are We Ready For EPIC Fun ?

~~~ The sheep stand is cleaned and re-painted.~~~
~~~ Valkyrie says " I don't know, people might make fun of my 5 horns...~~~
~~~" NO, no, no.....I do NOT want to go to the fair. I do not care if there is Epic Fun to be had !" says Thora. She's kind of cranky after her bath and I don't think she wants to talk about the fair. ~~~ Sassafras says, " I do not want to go to the fair because you are not bringing Saffron my daughter with me. I have a problem with leaving my little lamb in day care and I do not care how good the facility is..BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !"
~~~ Vandal says "Please take me ! I wanna go to the fair. I'll be good. I promise ! " ~~~
~~~ Goth ( the horny one below , in every sense of the word..and no comments please, this IS a family blog after all and we get enough comments regarding being horny from the thousands of people passing through the exhibit) says " I want to go to the fair ! Do you think that cute little reindeer will be there again this year ? I REALLY love that cute little reindeer. Do you think they will let me in with her this year ?"
~~~ " Epic : Grand, noble. " " Fun : that which excites merriment. " Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary
~~~The theme of this year's Puyallup Fair is EPIC FUN ! I think if you put the definitions of the two words together you will get " grand, noble fun, that which excites merriment." Yup, do the Puyallup ! That sums it up. Come have fun with us, EPIC FUN at the Puyallup !
~~~By the way, Puyallup is pronounced like this ...pew-al-up. ! Do the Puyallup ! ~~~


Lanny said...

Oh Kathy we are almost ready aren't we thanks to Corey at Kinkos!

You look a little more ready than I, cuz you have posted and I have not.

Looking forward to tomorrow and really feeling ready.

Come on down everybody!

LindaSue said...

Oh my goodness - what an adventure is to be had! Sorry but I'd have to have a marriage intervention if I left here for Puyallup Washington right now - DH is out trying to get the hydraulics on our tractor all working again (just got all new lines for it). But your sheep are more than ready to rock and EPIC roll!

Anonymous said...

Do the Puyallup!! Woohoo! ;-)

Hope you and the animals really do have epic fun!

Pamela said...

I am always amazed at the set of horns on Goth. Very magnificent. And really? A reindeer?

Please take lots of photos and be sure to blog every epically fun moment! You are going to have a blast!

Again...stunned by Goth's horns. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Aw, how can you leave the poor thing behind? Do they have wi-fi at the fair?

Connie said...

I love the photos and the expressions on the faces of your animals, Kathy. I feel like I can almost hear them talking to you. HA!
I hope you have a wonderful time at the fair.

KathyB. said...

Linda Sue, did your DH get the tractor working again ?

Megan and Pamela , Noble Pig and Daisy, I will have fun...and yes, there is a reindeer usually in the pen across from us and my rams seem to be as attracted to her as they are to the ewes. Fall is breeding time and the rams are excited by the smells and sights of the other sheep, but the reindeer thing is kind of funny. How would anyone outside of Lapland, or the North Pole know their rams got excited by reindeer ?

And Pamela, I am amazed by Goth's horns too. His horns are also what make it tricky to exhibit him. He can be dangerous without meaning to be...and if or when he does decide to become dangerous...well, be careful!

Noble Pig, no wi-fi for me at the fair, Lanny might be connected though !KathyB.

Lanny, see you very early in the morning ! Gobble, gobble!

LindaSue said...

Glad someone asked about Goth - his headgear is interesting too - simply a kind of bridle? Yep thanks for asking - DH was on the tractor a while yesterday working on our drive and drilling a hole to install a backstop thing for our automatic gate. So you are off to the fair? we haven't even gone to the State Fair of Texas - simply too huge to be attractive to us. Maybe this year? Remember the Pat Boone movie "State Fair" - have fun with your sheep travels!

KathyB. said...

Linda Sue, Goth is wearing a ram mask. Masks like these are used for bulls and stallions too. The mask allows the ram to see from the sides, but not straight ahead, thus impeding his ability to accurately ram forward, causing a lot of pain and damage to his targets. Especially useful during breeding season.

These masks have helped decrease the destruction to our fences, ewes, and minimize ( but not rule out ) danger to us . KathyB.

LindaSue said...

Thanks for the answer! DH and I were both curious - good piece of equipment and interesting explanation. Always something new to learn - makes life fun. Your animals are unique and their wool useful - my goats are brush eaters and only occasionally we have excess wethers who are sold for meat. Have fun at the fair!