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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Me And My Teddy Bear

~~~"Me and my teddy bear, have no worries, have no cares, me and my teddy bear just play and play all day." remembered childhood song, author ?~~~ Miss Marple resting after a particularly rambunctious play time with her friend Baby Bear.~~~~~~ This is Baby Bear. Baby Bear belongs to our oldest son and his daughters. I made Baby Bear and Momma and Daddy Bear as Christmas gifts to our son almost 30 years ago. As you can see, Baby Bear is in need of a little surgery. He was sent to me to repair and send back to our son and his 4 daughters. The daughters love Baby Bear and sleep with him...actually, they compete for the right to sleep with him (hence,his injury) since there are 4 of them and only 1 Baby Bear. ~~~Baby Bear was placed on my workroom table to await surgery and I kept finding him on the floor in various parts of the house. What was going on ? Poor Baby Bear was in NO condition to be playing , he had serious neck injuries! Well. I performed the delicate surgery, Baby Bear was left to recover until returned to the home where he is much loved.~~~
~~~Ahh....so here is Baby Bears' buddy, partner in mischief, party friend...Miss Marple ! MISS MARPLE, bring back Baby Bear ! He needs rest and recovery. Miss Marple, I said bring him back ! Hey, Miss Marple, where are you going with Baby Bear ? ~~~Do you see Baby Bear under the table ? Do you see the white blobs on either side of Baby Bear ? Those are the little bear snatching paws of Miss Marple.~~~ ~~~Look at those Baby Bear crazy eyes Miss Marple has. She is just nuts about little Baby Bear. "In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small , quiet companion." Peter Gray
~~~Miss Marple takes baby Bear up to her napping place.( The one she uses when not napping on the table ) First they wrestle for awhile. ~~~
~~~OUCH ! Poor Baby Bear. Careful Miss Marple, Baby Bear just had surgery !~~~
~~~Oh no, Miss Marple is ripping off Baby Bear's ribbon. The ribbon is Baby Bear's bandage , applied after surgery. Miss Marple..CAREFUL ! Baby Bear is still recovering. ~~~
~~~Miss Marple does not appear to be too happy with me. I guess it is nap time for Miss Marple and baby Bear.Whatever does she see in Baby Bear ?~~~
~~~"Anyone who has looked a teddy bear in the face will recognize the friendly twinkle in his knowing look." Harold Nadolny ~~~
~~~It is hard to visualize the toys you had 50 years ago-all save bear. He's as clear as if he were sitting on the desk in front of you, and of course, he probably is !"Pam Brown~~~ ~~~A teddy bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded yellow fur, and as such , he commands affection long after he is outgrown." Pam Brown


Lanny said...

I don't suppose it would do if you made a baby bear for each girl, he could have been reunited with long lost relatives while visiting up here, so son could have him back? Hopefully Baby Bear can make the trip make before Miss M. attacks him again.

Flower said...

That's the cutest story today!! I love how cats take on even a stuffed toy as if it were alive!!
Very sweet!
The flowers are posted...I'm almost back..just a few more days of being busy....having loads of fun!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Your post made me smile. I just love to watch cats play. And I am sure you will agree, no matter where you set up your sewing, a cat always winds up in the middle of the fabric! blessings, Kathleen

Mr. I. Wooley said...

Ah Miss Marple, a feline after my own heart. I too had a furry companion - alas, she was taken from me. Maybe you and I should meet sometime. I think we would really hit it off!

LindaSue said...

Does Miss Marple make a chirpy throaty sound when taking off with the little bear? My beloved Seal used to do the weirdest noise when he got a specific teddy bear from under our Christmas tree (family tradition - instead of tons of presents - a few boxes and fill in all around the tree with teddies of all denominations!)

KathyB. said...

I thought of that Lanny, but it is because the bear belonged to David that makes it so special.Miss Marple is pretty dang determined to find Baby Bear, I expect B.B. will survive a few more attacks before re-united with his people.

Flower, I'll be checking your posts eagerly. Thanks !

Kathleen , you're right. My 3 cats always manage to find my current projects and insert themselves into them, be it on a pile of wool or sewing, or on top of my photo scrapbooks. (Oh, they would like to be involved in cooking projects too )
Mr. Wooley, I am flattered ! We probably would hit it off quite well as long as we do not have to share our stuffed companions.

Linda Sue, yes, Miss Marple does make a chirpy sound like that. I also believe she often swears in 'feline' by the intensity of her voiced displeasure sometimes . I think we humans should probably be thankful we are not privy to a lot of what our cats REALLY think. KathyB.

Anonymous said...

I think this story is so hilarious! I imagine Baby Bear would have a voice like 'Mr. Bill'. Maybe you could just make Miss Marple her own bear. There... that's what your life will have resorted to ... drive through hamburgers for your dogs and sewing for your cats.
I still have all three, Mama, Papa and Baby bear you made for me too. They are nearing their 30's and doing well.
~ Autumn

KathyB. said...

Hey Anonymous, are you making fun of me for buying hamburgers for my dogs ? Oh, well...but at least I am not sewing for my cats. Yet .

Glad to hear your bears are doing fine , just don't leave them out where the cat can get them. Love, Mom

Connie said...

HA HA, Kathy! Great story and photos! I especially like the expressions on the faces of both Miss M and Baby Bear in the last two photos. :D

Pamela said...

How hilarious! I love the stories you tell. Something so ordinary as a cat snatching a toy, but you make it so cute and funny. Thank you!