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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maybe Not Epic, But FUN !

~~~This is Sugar, the cute little reindeer my ram Goth likes to do the ram version of flirting with. Goth can see Sugar from his pen....she pays no attention at all to him. Poor Goth. He gets no respect from some of us. However he does impress much of the public and encourage a lot of remarks about all things 'rammy'. Isn't Sugar cute ? If we had enough property I would keep a reindeer or two around !~~~Here is a long view of part of my exhibit. You can see the ewes here and the back of our area. We do enjoy our time here and every year we visit with people who keep coming back to see us. What fun. And do you know, there are an awful lot of very interesting people out there in the world and some of them come through our barn and stop in to entertain us with their wit, knowledge, wonder, and smiles ! ~~~Here is Goth's pen at the fair. Poor Goth . We loaded him into a trailer this morning while it was still dark, tied him to the interior, and then put him in a small pen. Believe me, it is for his and our good he is in a small pen. I will talk about that in another post...but don't feel too sorry for Goth. And hey, he still flirts with Sugar the reindeer. ~~~Next to Goth's pen are the very tiny and very cute miniature donkeys. I want one...and I almost made a deal for one a few years ago, but Hubby said "NO" the way he does when he absolutely, positively, 100 % means NO ! So I get my fill of tiny donkeys while at the fair. ~~~This is Deanne and her Watusi, Alero. Alero has a calf that is sooo cute. Deanne also owns Sugar and a few other very popular animals here in the 'Animals of the World' barn. You would love Deanne and her crew.The human and the animal crew ! ~~~Stanley ! What can I say about Stanley ? Well, he is a camel with real personality, who loves people and pays attention to the crowds and is entertaining. I love to just stand and watch Stanley. He also draws big crowds. Stanley is a wonderful addition to our barn. Stanley is a pretty blue gray and the owner said he would give me some of Stanley's wool to spin. I am going to take him up on his offer. I wonder if I am allergic to camel . 2 years ago Deanne gave me some Yak to spin and my throat swelled up and I couldn't breathe .I am allergic to Yak. How would the average person know they are allergic to Yak ? Try putting THAT down on a medical form! ~~~This is one of our dear friends Pam's miniature horses. Pam and her husband Gregg usually have a huge crowd around their cute horses. Pam has a lot of tiny horses, and Pam has a lot of fun ! ~~~I get to feed Jewell, a Grant's Zebra. Jewell was pretty excited about the apple. I am allowed to go inside and pet these animals, and tomorrow they just might let me walk the Yak ! I got to walk the Yak around the barns a few times in previous years. What a thrill.I think the Yak is an animal I would like to have around our place even though I am allergic to Yak. They are pretty, calm, and somehow it makes me just feel good to be around them.
~~~Isn't Jewell pretty ? ~~~
~~~Well, I am off to bed. I have to get up early to be in the barn before 7:30 a.m. to clean my pens out and be ready for the public. Maybe I will see you at the fair tomorrow ! ~~~


LindaSue said...

What splendid fun! Your yak allergy is absolutely a gift - you can blow away any conversation (at least in Texas we all talk about ragweed season or lots of mountain cedar pollen in the air - you could say - well at least you aren't allergic to YAK).
Yes , reindeer are beautiful creatures , the miniature donkeys are adorable but OH baby I love that zebra~!

Connie said...

AW...poor Goth and his unrequited love--HA HA HA!

I love the photo of the tiny donkeys and the blue gray camel too! I've never seen a camel that color before. I thought they were all a kind of tan/blond color. Thanks for "taking" me along to the fair, Kathy! What fun! :D

Flower said...

I do wish I could come to the fair and see all these amazing animals!
Will you be at the Flock and Fiber show in Canby next weekend? It's such a wonderful show to attend even if you don't have a booth or take an animal!!