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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look, I Have Horns! Part II

~~~Jester, born this last spring is sprouting 5 horns ! ~~~~~~A different approach to adding horns to your head.~~~
~~~Above the ear and around the face, just think of all the things you could hang on your horns with this arrangement. Snacks, water / beverage bottles, stereo speakers, Christmas ornaments......
~~~The horns kind of match her teeth. I wonder, is there a horn fairy that leaves sheep snacks under the hay for the rams that lose their horns ?~~~
~~~This little boy can get two horns from one ! I think he just might grow up to be a thrifty person who can spot a bargain. ~~~
~~~This toddler was the first in his family to pick up the horns and place them on his head. Then he became camera shy about doing it again. However,after HE tried them on his siblings got excited about trying on the horns....he just might be the free thinker in the family, or the challenging child ? ~~~
~~~LOOK , I HAVE HORNS ! ~~~
~~~"What, shall he have killed the deer ? His leather skin and horns to wear. Then sing him home. Take thou no scorn to wear the horn, it was a crest ere thou wast born, Thy father's father wore it, and thy father owe it, the horn , the horn, the lusty horn , is not a thing to scorn." William Shakespeare ~~~


Pamela said...


Your blog is one of my special morning treats! Thank you so much for it.

Connie said...

Love your comment captions, Kathy! HA! So much fun! Thanks. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh so funny, you must have a ball watching people do this. Heck at least you've figured out how to entertain yourself while you sit there!

Jo said...

I'm just catching up on my blogging, and these are GREAT POSTS!!! I had no idea horns could be so much fun.

Goth is adorable, by the way! He looks like a cheeky little so and so.

KathyB. said...

Thank-you Pamela !

Daisy, there are are so many comments that come to mind ....maybe sometime I should have a comment contest.

Noble Pig, that's for sure. I DO enjoy watching people and yes, I can entertain myself very well at the fair. I think really , that the fair puts on a show and invites the public in for the best entertainment..themselves .

Jo, what an apt description of Goth, a "cheeky little so and so". Goth did love to have his back scratched while confined. Hubby would scratch Goth's back and Goth would stretch his back then relax his head and you could see him closing his eyes and letting his lips hang.

LindaSue said...

What great and innocent fun! thanks for sharing