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Friday, September 5, 2008

A Chosen Road

"Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to it's end." J.R.R.Tolkein~~~This is a painting by my Aunt Ruby Crawford. I love this painting and was overjoyed when she gave it to me. I had admired it in her home. It reminds me of her home in the Albany, Oregon area, and is remarkably like much of the area here in Western Washington. The sheep grazing in the pasture , with the road to the barn and onto...where ? The valleys, and mountains beyond. What lies beyond the mountains ? Rivers, towns, more farms ?Maybe the ocean...you see farms in valleys, with mountains AND the ocean bordering them in many parts of western Oregon and Washington. ~~~What road are you following ? What road was a determining factor and path in the life you are living now ? Would you have chosen another path if you could go back to the fork in the road, or are you content with your choice... are you wiser because of the wrong path that led to better choices and decisions? Did you take the rocky and winding path and make it a beautiful journey or exciting adventure you look forward to every day?
~~~This is Maple Creek Joy. The picture is not very good because it is a picture of a picture. Joy was my very first Jacob sheep and she was one of the paths I chose , and believe to have been a wonderful journey and adventure I am still exploring! Joy was the beginning of my flock of Jacob sheep, and that has led to so many other things that have enriched my life . ~~~Joy died last Fall. She lived here on Cedar Pond for 15 years. She died of old age ( I think) She was 17 years old. Joy was always a very shy ewe, and preferred to stay just out of reach, but always interested in the comings and goings around here. I have some of her grandchildren. Joy was my teacher in the ways and differences of Jacob sheep compared to other breeds we had kept. ~~~This is Joy in 1999 with 2 of her triplets. The smallest lamb was a ram lamb I named Abel. Abel is still alive and is magnificent. He is one of the few rams to keep a mild disposition as he got older. That is probably why he still lives !
~~~Thank-you Joy, you were a blessing!~~~


Pamela said...

Thank you for a really good post to start the morning. I enjoyed reading about your Joy so much. How wonderful was it that you had her for so long and that she...well, that she was. And really interesting to hear that you still have her grandchildren.

And best of all, I liked your questions about what path we are following. Really gave me something to think about today.

Isn't it strange how sometimes we pick a path knowing full well that we are picking one. And then sometimes an insignificant decision that's hardly worth thinking about turns out to be the very thing that brings about a major change of direction. You just never know, do you?

And for the third reason your post was so welcome this morning--what a lovely painting. I can see why you have loved it for so long.

Thanks again for a good start to the morning.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful painting. I love Albany, I have a friend who owns a winery there. Thanks for the memory!

Anonymous said...

Your camera photograph's photographs very well! Actually, I kind of like them better that way - kind of old fashiony you know? Or like it's snowing in the background or something.
Very nice.
~ Autumn

KathyB. said...

Thank-you Pamela. I often think how it is the small things we do without thinking them out that take our lives into completely life altering directions...at least in my life!

Noble Pig, where is the Albany Winery ? Hubby and I will have to visit it when we visit Aunt Ruby and my cousin there, soon hopefully.

Thank-you Autumn, my daughter. It is through your adventures in sheep I fell in love with Jacob sheep ( I know you prefer Suffolks)and the choice to keep these sheep has changed my life...for the better ! Baaaaaaaaaa............KathyB.

Connie said...

What a lovely painting---such talent to be able to create that. How wonderful that she gave it to you. That is a real treasure. :)