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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Food and Fire for Body and Soul

~The Cispus River runs past Iron Creek Campground in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington. The river is rapid and deep in many places. It is beautiful and dangerous. Across the river  trees  have been downed and partially swept away. Trees  lay all along the river banks and in the river itself. The river bank we fished off of last year has been swept away. Thom and Joanne, my Hubby's baby sister and her husband camped here with us. Joanne made me a peach cake in her cast iron dutch oven over the camp fire Sunday night. I wish I had taken a picture of the delicious dessert she made me for my birthday. Joanne did a fine job of cooking over the camp fire and next year I will get pictures along with the recipe. There were no dessert left overs . Thank-you Joanne !~The Wingmaster and his wife joined us at our camp fire Sunday night too. Steve brought his guitar and we had singing around the camp fire after we shared our hearts, thoughts, and reflections on the past few days thinking about scriptures from the Bible. The family from the camp site across from us joined us as one of the men from the site played his guitar along with Steve. What great old time music, The Eagles, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and more I am not familiar with but enjoyed! We hope this family returns here next year. This has been a yearly event for them too !
~Hawk ,our Vizsla ,Hubby and #5 granddaughter sit by the campfire enjoying the warmth on this chilly day.
~# 2 grandson and his Daddy smile and "talk" to each other while warming up around the fire too.
~"A home is no home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as for the soul." Sarah Margaret Fuller
~Although the sentiment above is talking about home, when I am camping, my vacation home away from home, I feel it is not a true vacation, time of rest and re-fueling,without lots of good food and fire for my mind and body. It is almost a given that the awe inspiring forest and river should cause me to reflect on the Great Creator of all, and His words regarding our condition, needs, and the wisdom He gives us to use and apply to our lives, to glorify Him. Thank-you Lord for your gifts and your Son, our Savior. The time around the camp fire with my family through blood , and my family through God, was special. There was encouragement and prayer. A shared care and concern for each other. Songs, praise, and scripture...food for the mind and soul !.Then dessert for the body. Peach cake . Delicious, and it all hit the spot !


Connie said...

I love the photo of #2 grandson! Such a sweet expression on his face.

That shelter looks really neat. I bet that was fun to be inside of that. So much to explore there.

And peach cake---yummmm!! :D

Delilah and Rocket said...

How did "Hawk" get his name. That is a curious name for a vizsla.