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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hauling Out to the Fair

~~~Jester the young ram lamb ( note the 5 horns on his head ) says, " ahhh, the big guy is gone. Now WE can play with the girls."
~~~Miss Marple says, " Good, they're gone. I can nap on my favorite spot, the dining room table and maybe take a swat or two at that stupid bird, Belle .Who knows, I might just catch her and won't she be tasty ? Meow ." ~~~Sheep are loaded in the trailer, cars are full of all the things I need for 5 days of EPIC FUN !


Connie said...

HA HA! I hope the animals you have left behind don't stage a mutiny while you are gone. Miss Marple looks like she could get into some major mischief if left unsupervised! Have fun, Kathy! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, my mother would be SO PROUD of you for the name Bombadil! :-D

Anonymous said...

I hope it was greeat!

KathyB. said...

I'm home after a great time at the fair..the sheep are still there, with a lot of exotic animals.

Daisy, Miss Marple shows great creativity in her ability to get into trouble.

Megan, there are a lot of critters around our home with hobbit type names !

Noble Pig, yes it was great, and there are 4 more days of it ! KathyB.